Garmin: VIRB Tough Mudder Challenge

Campaign developed for Garmin to promote their new VIRB action camera as a direct competitor to the market leader in extreme sports cameras GoPro. Armed with only a modest budget, we couldn’t outspend GoPro so we had to outsmart them. Our strategy was to go where GoPro had never gone before - so we sponsored the world’s toughest endurance contest, Tough Mudder. There could be no greater arena for showcasing the brute strength and indestructibility of Garmin’s new VIRB camera. And this was an event that attracted lots of media attention and lots of potential new customers. Once we were in with Tough Mudder, we were all over it. We attached Garmin VIRB branding to course obstacles and customised a shipping container housing a special challenge and the VIRB camera models – all within budget. We also equipped contestants in Australia and New Zealand with cameras and offered the chance to win a Garmin VIRB pack for the most exciting footage. We’d seized an opportunity GoPro hadn’t spotted and got heaps of attention as a result. We also collected some great footage to share across social media. A new brand in extreme sports movie making had arrived. It was mission accomplished!

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