Myer Centre - Be in the now

A campaign developed for The Myer Centre which ran both in Brisbane and Adelaide. The concept is a reflection of the lifestyle associated with people who work and live in the inner-city areas. People who shop at Myer are constantly on the move and visit the centre during their lunch breaks or on they way to another appointment. In essence they are instant, spontaneous consumers - they live in the moment. With this insight the idea of 'Be in the now' was developed which expresses the notion that the 'In people' of the city shop at Myer. They are always looking their best at any time of the day. To illustrate this thought the approach was to use an almost voyeuristic photographic style. The models where shot at various locations in the city from a distance or through cab windows showing gritty urban alleyways, busy pedestrian crossings and high street bustle. The models stood still while the general public walked by creating the feeling of being caught in the moment.

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