NRMA Insurance - Giant Hailstone

If you know Queensland, Australia then you'll know the diverse and extreme nature the weather can take during storm season. NRMA Insurance wanted to make people aware of the dangers of hail damage to motor vehicles and to consider them as their insurer. NRMA Insurance where relatively new to the Queensland market and needed to make an impact as a serious challenger brand. So instead of running traditional ads in the Courier-Mail a giant hailstone was created which was placed on top of a damaged car and loaded unto a removal truck. A message was then printed on the side of the truck which read 'Help that's bigger than any hailsone.' Inside the Hailstone steam was released through small vents on top of the structure to create the effect of melting ice. The truck was then taken to various parts of South East Queensland including Brisbane, The Gold Coast and The Sunshine Coast.

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