NRMA Insurance: The Carbonators

NRMA Insurance had a valuable association with the Brisbane Broncos rugby league team. The challenge here was to leverage that sponsorship and at the same time, bring to life an innovative promotional offer: free carbon offsetting with every new Comprehensive Car Insurance policy. The answer? The Carbonators - a crack team of environmentalists who do all the hard work offsetting for you. This was a true 360 degree multi-channel campaign that yielded impressive results. Four key players from the Broncos where used to make up the team and each where given their own Carbonator style identity that represented a key role in the offsetting of carbon emissions. These included Tony (The Mind) Carrol representing research into new technologies and systems, Darren (The Visionary) Lockyer representing leadership and forward thinking, Karmichael (Tree Hugger) Hunt representing the replanting and growth of forests and Corey (The Student) Parker representing education.

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