Tafe Made - Website

Tafe Made - Website design for Tafe Queensland, Australia.

Tafe Made - Website

Tademade.com.au is an engaging visual directory, and an interesting take on a straightforward brief: promote the diversity of TAFE courses.

On approaching this task, it was found that the audience may not be sure about the relevance of TAFE qualifications to their lives.

The “lightbulb” moment came when it was realised that TAFE graduates have a hand in making, baking, building, organising, crafting, installing, building, maintaining almost everything we see around us. The idea was to make TAFE training relevant in an interesting way and then add useful functionality to the site in the form of a directory of “TAFE Made” businesses.

From this a “TAFE town landscape” was created across which users could scroll to areas that interested them. This landscape is a detailed, realistic, photo montage. It features a combination of businesses, public places and objects that showcase the depth and breadth of TAFE training and skills required to design, build, operate or maintain them. Users can then click on areas marked by diamonds to check out possible suppliers (old TAFE class mates too) or register their business and services.

These areas of interest are marked by diamonds each showing an area of TAFE teaching pertinent to that diamond’s location within the landscape. When the user clicks the diamond, a pop up box appears that shows the area of TAFE teaching relevant to the area on which the diamond is located: IE the diamond on the billboard launches the Marketing/Advertising pop up box. Featured in this box are listings of businesses that have employed graduates in Marketing/Advertising related courses or that were started by a TAFE Graduate.  
As more and more individuals and businesses register, the directory in the site will become more and more useful building long term appeal and usability for the site.


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